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Now the two must weigh all the good they have seen the coach do versus what they think they have to do in order to protect the students, and in the process traverse all the unseen fault lines of their own relationship and histories.

Maddening, heartbreaking, and moving, this dialogue will have everyone in the audience riveted. by Ray Nesrym A Driver’s License: the ultimate prize for teenagers.

Don't miss this killer 2-person play, perfect for forensics.

The Potato: boring root or world's most exciting superstar?

Face Baggage by Nick Monroy What if Facebook took place as a real life interaction?

What if you walked in a room and a stranger started demanding all your life's most intimate details?

He's stuck in a humdrum marriage that's on the rocks and a dead-end job managing the toy store he thought he'd be owner of by now.

There’s a Speed Dating event taking place at Happy Harbor Comics on August 12th! Whether you love superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, Netflix, or cosplay or love going to Comic-Con and the local Expos, this is the right group of people for you!It's soon apparent that won't happen when she sits down next to Former President Grover Cleveland, who seems confused about exactly where he is, what he's doing, and who the President is on the dime.Also, he might just be a guy named Steve, although he'll never quite admit it.Only one thing stands between this kid and his motorized freedom: his mom.In a scene all-to-familiar to many children and parents, this mother is determined to teach her child exactly how to drive safe, even if it means they both have a nervous breakdown in the process.

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  1. yeah, I guess, but…” Miley again struggled to think of a response, “I can’t just tell a guy to… I’m not even really dating anyone right now, and even if I was…” “So practice on your security guards or some random fans.” Selena shrugged. There was another few moments of silence as Miley just stared at her friend dumbfounded, “So… Because I thought this was all just some crazy theory.” “Right, because no other teenager in the history of the world has been sexually frustrated other than Miley Cyrus.” Selena said, her mocking significantly cushioned by the softness of her tone and the understanding look on her face, “I know what you’re going through.