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Various other colourways available included : lime green cab/back with red mudguards, light blue cab/back with red mudguards, light green cab/back with red mudguards, grey cab/back with red mudguards, red cab and mudguards with green back, dark blue cab/back with red mudguards, yellow cab/back with red mudguards, emerald green cab/back with red mudguards, pale blue cab/back with dark blue mudguards, red cab/back with red mudguards Model shown detailed in yellow cab and flatbed colourway on a red chassis with grey mudguards.

Lights and radiator grille detailed in silver finish.

It was in 1948 that Shackleton launched this range of ready assembled diecast constructional models based on the Foden FG 6 wheel lorry.

Each scale model came housed in a lift-off lidded card box.

As with the Foden lorries the Dyson flatbed trailer came in a variety of colourways, the one shown opposite in dark blue flatbed finish with grey chassis and red mudguards with towing eye to the front.

The thick card picture box came with two small end flaps and one large tuck-in flap to both ends.

It is clear that the problem of snoring, besides being a disruption to health, also causes difficulties in couples, transforming into a social problem as well.

Snoring should be regarded as a disease rather than as a normal occurrence in the life of people.

Formed by Maurice Shackleton in 1939 the company originally traded as James Shackleton & Sons Ltd producing a range of wooden toys such as dolls houses and lorries.

No one can doubt that the Foden diecast lorries produced by Shackleton were of high quality.

All the components required to build the lorries were made in-house and that included the clockwork motor.

Snoring, mild or strong, is always associated with some degree of respiratory obstruction with corresponding chronic suffocation.

Patients who snore, may present a symptom known as sleep apnea, or having interruptions of breathing for some time. Snoring is a noisy form of breathing which produces the vibration of the soft paring of the pharynx.

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