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Here is what the Emmy-winning actress had to say: As soon as she aired on the show in December, I called upstairs and said I’d love her to come back, but I don’t have that kind of power. And I guess the casting person was casting for a part that was supposed to show my brother property, and they said, ‘Well, Erika Girardi’s character was a relator; she can do this.’ So she had a few scenes this morning with Peter Bergman, who plays my brother, and Melissa Ordway, who plays my daughter. Part of it is a maternal thing, but we’re also working together as contemporaries, so it’s like this friends thing, too. And my books were auctioned, so I’ve been writing the script for adapting my books for screenplay and for film, and we’re hoping that’s gonna be shooting in a few months, so stay tuned.I got a text from Peter Bergman, saying, ‘Your friend Erika was prepared, interesting, interested, so incredibly lovely to work with.’ And this is from a guy who doesn’t watch ‘The Housewives,’ doesn’t know from Adam, and he just thought she was terrific.

Don’t be mad at him for liking a song, he didn’t write.Soap opera plots are built more on the selling points of sin than on the healing powers of redemption, but one of the main characters on The Young and the Restless is about to do some Jewish-style repentance - just in time for Yom Kippur.The character, Brad Carlton, who entered the Y&R scene about two decades ago as the gardener to the wealthy Abbott family in the fictional Genoa City, is not what you'd call a saint.It turns out that Brad had been hiding his Jewish identity to protect himself and his mother, who had drawn the ire of Nazis because of her work as a Holocaust art restitution investigator."For 20 years there was a complete mystery as to Brad's background," said Don Diamont, the actor who plays Brad, during a phone interview.

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  1. He's joined with creative and funny writers and the show's mainstay members Rufa Mae Quinto and Antonio Aquitania. However, its heart, which is presenting the comedies of the Filipino people, is beating well.

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