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"We might have been able to get away with it under parody law, but we don't know many lawyers.

We do have a ragtag bunch of friends and someone was able to get it right to her and explain the vibe." This still makes Stump crack up. "I can't even imagine what she was saying when she heard it."3.

When we took a break, it finally gave us time to reflect and grow up.

We learned how to communicate with each other in different ways."6. "It's done such wonderful things for the band," says Trohman. It really made him go from someone that looked into himself all the time to someone that looked outside of himself all the time.

"It's best we don't worry about how other people describe us.

They still call us emo and pop-punk, which is pretty incredible.

"Patrick and Joe were so young when we started the band," he says.

We wrote about the experience in the new issue of , but here are 14 additional things we learned while reporting the story.1. "Real early on we decided that, regardless of who wrote what, we'd split everything four ways," says Patrick Stump. ' And all those bands are broken up, every single one of them."2.

Don't expect them to pull a Taylor Swift and yank their catalog off Spotify.

"I get so tired of people saying, ' Oh, this is hurting the industry' or complaining about whatever the new boogie man is this year," says Stump.

They don't care that people still refer to them as an emo band.

"I've always thought that genre was bullshit," says Trohman.

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"There are records where I've done a whole song or Joe [Trohman] has written an entire music bed, but we all get the same credit. Their new song "Uma Thurman" required the approval of the real Uma Thurman.

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  1. has been pulled from the App Store just days after we revealed it contained what appeared to be references to violent sexual acts and paedophilia.

  2. He describes the process of producing this kind of talisman as involving "writing words, some uninterruptible, some biblical, on a parchment to be hung around the neck of the man or woman during intercourse." Zulfiqar was frequently depicted on Ottoman flags, especially as used by the Janissary cavalry, in the 16th and 17th centuries.