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Then using your phone, scan the QR code shown on the browser on your PC.Your phone will be connected to your PC’s Whats App and you can start messaging away like you would on your phone.In this post, we will be looking at the tips, tricks and hacks users can utilize to for using Whats App like a pro.Whats App allows you to format your messages – same way as you format text in any word processor, say Microsoft Word or Google Docs.To do this, tap and hold a message, click on reply in the action bar, type your message and click the send button to reply to that message.The app supports the latest notification feature in Android – Direct Reply.To log out of all connected devices, just go back to the Options Whats App Web page and choose Log out from all computers.The good thing about Whats App Web is that you receive on your PC whatever you receive on your mobile via Whats App.

To create a broadcast list, go to the conversation list screen Tagging is now possible in group conversations using @, followed by the name (according to what you name the person in your Contacts).

You also get an option to turn off notifications while muting a group in Android.

You can block a contact (and not a group) by opening the particular chat, clicking Options Thanks to various people forwarding messages all over, you might be getting a lot of the images and videos in your gallery.

The tagged person gets the notification even if he has muted notifications for that group.

Apart from tagging people, you can also quote messages to show you’re replying to that particular message.

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