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As the map demonstrates, the states with the highest average standardized payment amounts per stay were Indiana (,406), Texas (,064), and California (,862), as well as several states in the Southeast.The states with the lowest per stay payment amounts were in the upper Midwest (e.g., ,154 in North Dakota), Maine (,959), and Alaska (,854). Skilled Nursing Facility Average Standardized Payment per Stay, by State, 2013 The SNF PUF also includes information on two categories of RUGs for patients who receive a significant amount of therapy.You can use the information in this topic to verify the version of Exchange that is running in your organization.This topic is organized in sections that correspond to the major releases of Exchange.Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Transparency Data (CY2013) The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new dataset, the Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization and Payment Public Use File (SNF PUF).This data set, which is part of CMSโ€™s Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data sets, details information on services provided to Medicare beneficiaries by skilled nursing facilities.The data set identifies individual SNFs using their six-digit identification number.

Similarly, in the case of the Very High (RV) Rehabilitation categories, the resident must receive at least 500 minutes of therapy each week.Map 1 below displays the average Medicare standardized payments per stay by state for 2013.Nationally, the average standardized payment amount per stay for all SNFs was ,919, with an average length of stay of 28 days.This section provides the build numbers and general release dates for each version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.To view the build number for the version of Exchange 2013 that youโ€™re running, run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell.

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