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Recently a study at the University of Switzerland revealed that new mothers with lower levels of oxytocin are more prone to feeling post-natal "blues".

(Women's Health, March 2010) It's not enough that he's the masjid imam, a fireman, a skilled public speaker and an avid fundraiser; he has to submit to your entire family, be the most pious man you ever met, be from the most pious family in the country, own a separate house, be superhuman and be willing to share all of his problems with his "soul-mate": You.A catchphrase I have with a twist is 'women are from Madina, men are from Makkah'. Modern biologists have scientifically narrowed down our process of 'falling in love'. Because Muslims believe in Allah's perfect design, we always value our connections with people as part of Divine creation. In various cultures the "L" word (no, not that word), is a taboo emotion that is not really understood, is side-swept as something dirty or rarely expressed healthily. Lust is a desire that if acted upon pollutes your 'imaan (faith) and well being. Oxytocin on the other hand is a women's arena, and I add here for the medical humour, it is known as the "love hormone".We live and think in two separate worlds therefore we won't "get" the other until we cross the border and study one another. Islam tells us love is normal, it is from Allah, it is necessary for any bond to exist and it is part of our religion. Men have up to 20 times more testosterone than women, which primarily promotes the male reproductive organs. Yes, you guessed it, for women it's all about the love.• "Falling" In Love When a man falls in love with a woman the normal levels of testosterone which otherwise make a man manly and tough, reduces significantly, and the level of oxytocin increases which turn him into a softer, more bubbly fellow.He's happier, he's filled with energy, he's being 'romantic', he's emotionally charged and he's probably praying harder.

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