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(Rehtaeh had recalled to us that she had banged her head on the windowsill as they pushed her out to vomit.) She was sick for five minutes before the boys debated who was going to go first. Then the second boy went ahead and told the older one to take a picture using his cell phone.Rae, still vomiting and hurting from banging her head, recalled a flash going off. She would be haunted by that photograph and what it meant until her last breath.I truly hope you read this with an open mind and just try to forget everything you know or think you know about this case.When you’re finished you can conclude for yourself if you believe my daughter was telling the truth when she told the police she was raped. Why she sent those messages I learned from her mom once I was back in Halifax. So here is what happened to my daughter that November night in Eastern Passage. The parts she doesn’t remember are attributed to a first hand witness.She woke up briefly and punched one of them in the face.Once in the other room one of the boys asked the others to leave the room.Using the look up tools at Best Places, you can find all of the smaller places belonging to a larger place.Whether it is finding all of the Counties in a Metro Area, or all of the Zip Codes in a City.

Those are the details that came forward after her death.She also recalled one of the boys saying “Stick it in her ass” before the photo was taken. The photo was taken like it was a typical Facebook photo, just some kids having fun. Once the two boys were done they carried her over and laid her on the bed to sleep. She left and returned later with her mother and they tried to get Rehtaeh to leave with them but given her state that didn’t happen (Rehtaeh never recalled her friend showing up in the bedroom). Left her there alone, passed out, in a house with four teenage boys.At one point during the assault the girlfriend who came with her appeared at the door and got angry at Rae. Two of whom had already raped her while she threw up. It was now getting late and Rehtaeh needed to be moved to a spare bedroom so the two older boys had the two younger ones help them carry her.Rehtaeh woke up the next morning between the younger boys. She asked for a cigarette, they talked for bit, and she took a bus home. He stated she gave permission even when she was throwing up and that she was willing even though they had to carry her around and dress her when they were finished.She had very little recollection of what had happened to her. He said he didn’t want to live with the title rapist and that it was the most hurtful thing he could imagine.

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