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There had been a previous Child Protective Services investigation, but Hall's sister, Crystal Reynolds, told New York Magazine that the agency had determined that the behavior was '[appropriate] corporal punishment.' CPS could not confirm nor deny an investigation by law.Hall also said she told CPS about the You Tube channel in October.

'The parents should be ashamed of themselves.''This is how we run our house, this is our family,' Mike blasted back in an epic 20-minute response video posted on Easter Sunday and titled BLOCKING ALL THE HATERS.'We were being investigated already for the You Tube channel and nothing was found,' his wife revealed in the same video.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina confirmed for the outlet that a complaint about the videos was lodged October 17.

Hall claims the children were taken from her illegally in 2014 when Mike and Heather forged her signature on custody documents.

Usually while the father torments Cody, an older brother films the action for the channel.

An online petition drew almost 19,000 signatures to get CPS to investigate the family. A cottage industry of You Tubers criticizing the videos had sprung up, with You Tuber Philip De Franco one of the most vocal critics of the Martins' parenting style.

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'You're looking in the wrong place for child abusers.'As for her foul language, Heather said: 'They hear worse curse words on music and TV than I say.' The parents said the children pranked them back just as hard, and had final say over whether the gags ended up posted to You Tube. 'As the backlash mounted though, the family was forced to post a statement of apology on their Facebook.'We deeply apologize for your feelings of concern.

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