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When they decided to raise a child, a problem occurred: Shuu can’t get aroused no matter what.

It’s a typical gang-bang hentai anime where the girls are raped repeatedly by the village people.In exchange for keeping the pictures under lock and key, she is forced to be the landlord’s sex slave.Being the landlord of an apartment complex has many benefits like knowing the place like the back of your hand, can freely install hidden cameras to spy on your beautiful tenants, and blackmail them with photos of their intimate parts or photos of them doing their business in the bathroom.This is your typical hypnosis hentai anime where the guy abuses the hypnotizing phone app and targets all the busty teachers in his school.It’s funny to see our hero hypnotizing everyone in the school, but ended up having sex with the teachers. Sagara Kyouka and Aoki Hinako are two housewives whose husbands can’t satisfy their sexual desires, so they turned to the young apartment superintendent, Hayami Kouta, for his services.

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