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Have your eye on a guy, however he's yet to notice you, make a pass, or show any sort of interest?While I can't guarantee that every single guy will hit on you if you try this, I can say with certainty that someone will. What does matter however is that you know how to get a guy's attention when you want to, without him even realizing what you've done. Get to a space or place where you can make eye contact with the guy you're crushing on, and then make eye contact with him.Madonna tried to holla at a hot shirtless male model -- who's 33 years younger than her -- but proving she' still got game ... The model's name is Andrea Denver -- and his bod is definitely worthy of Madge's Instagram, which included the caption: "8 pac!! Sources close to Andrea tell us he saw the IG and his reaction was, "I'd definitely go on a date with her." Taking a page out of Drake's playbook ... which might come off as kinda thirsty, except for the fact Andrea's totally down. As for the fact she could be his mother -- we're told Andrea says age doesn't scare him, since he's more interested in a woman's personality.If he still hasn't come over to talk to you, it's time to move on to something, or someone else.In most of the cases where I've asked clients to try this however, the guy is usually hightailing it over by the second bout of eye contact.Again though, make sure that this is light, casual and fun - you want it to seem like you're just doing whatever you're doing, and that he just happens to be there. Touch his back gently to "move" him if it's crowded, make eye contact again, ask for a napkin, comment on something he's wearing, whatever you can do and feel comfy with, do it.

When you do make eye contact, hold it a bit longer than you find comfortable and then look down. When you look up, you're signalling that you're not interested - literally, you're rolling your eyes at the guy.

we're told Andrea also gushed the 56-year-old is "really attractive" -- and he's always been a big fan. Even if the romantic thing doesn't flesh out -- Andrea says he'd be down to work in one of her music videos.

Madonna and Andrea have never met, but according to our sources ...

“Once I had a Filipino trainer — this beautiful, beautiful girl.

She was gorgeous and very talented as a trainer,” Madonna told a sold-out crowd of 20,000 people.

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Schumer opened for the pop icon during the New York City leg of her Rebel Heart tour last month, where Penn was previously spotted taking in one of his ex-wife's performances.

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