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Patil says she likes that there is somebody as young as Ghag to help her with decision-making. Sometimes I agree, otherwise we take the middle path,” she laughs.

“I would encourage more services like these to come up, where the young can volunteer and seniors get a new lease of life.”Ghag gets Rs 4,000 a month for her service.

My parents don’t live in the city, but with Aaji around, I don’t feel so alone.

And with me around, her three daughters can work stress-free,” says Ghag.

‘It’s nice to have someone new to tell my stories to,’ Patil says.

(Pratik Chorge/HT Photo) Nutan Ghag is a 20-year-old college student who works part-time with Mumbai-based Aaji Care, an organisation that offers monthly companionship packages for senior citizens.

“I realised I was becoming asocial and giving up on everything I wanted to do,” she says.

“I like that we are old and not dependent on each other or anyone else,” says her husband, Arvindan Vyasa, 75.

“We also try and fill in for their children to keep their loneliness at bay.” All volunteers are cleared after police verification; details are sent to the subscriber in advance.

“It helps me pay my rent and meet college expenses,” she says. In fact, I sometimes cancel plans to spend more time with Aaji.

She teaches me a lot and I know I am making memories that will last a lifetime.” For Patil, Ghag is now family.

She has been visiting Patil for eight months, for four hours a day — half of which is spent solving puzzles and reading.

“The astrology page is our favourite one in the newspaper,” Patil says.

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“Having new people also means my stories never get old, and I get to hear new stories too.”But it’s not always the young ones reaching out.

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