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'During the evening he just walked up to me and said: "Hi, I'm Keanu." 'I blurted out: "Hi, I'm Rachael and I'm just going to the loo",' and immediately felt embarrassed at saying something so banal, but he just laughed.'I kept trying to include my friend in our conversation, but I soon realised he was keen to talk to me.Rachael Jones grew up in a modest semi-detached home in Birmingham with her mother Bernadette, who works in a building society, and father Ken, a housing officer, and three younger siblings.

It was pretty sickening.' But nonetheless, Rachael still treasures her memories.'The relationship I've had with Keanu sounds blissful,' she says.'But the reality is it could never have been anything more than a fling.Whatever one thinks of her, it's clear Rachael wasn't prepared for the unedifying exposure that followed in the Australian tabloids, which gleefully described naked romps on the actor's balcony.So, who is the girl who found herself so suddenly at the eye of a media storm?

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