Is game dating allison from antm

In episode four, she landed in the bottom two, with contestant Nijah Harris, because she was said to have over-analyzed her shoot.

In episode seven, she landed in the bottom two with contestant Tahlia Brookins because she had a lackluster commercial and she was told she wasn’t versatile.

The American artist and fashion model from Houston, Texas, resided in New Orleans, Louisiana during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model.

Allison made the final two due to her improvements in her Covergirl commercial and her unique high-fashion look.I do have sensitive eyes but it's not like I'm struggling to see during daylight hours."So it wouldn't normally be an issue in everyday photoshoots? I wish we could see them post-show or they would have shown something on the show."No, unless I have to look straight into the sun for 20 minutes but I'd hope that would never be a situation I would be a part of! I guess because Lisa won she is the only one who really will be able to see after it's all said and done, but I would have loved to have seen those. They painted me shades darker so it looks like I have a tan - that's not real!I think it was sensationalized on the show like, 'She's almost blind!' I have really big eyes and when it's cold or windy in New York I look like I just lost my best friend walking down the street because water is just pouring down my face. It was definitely sensationalized on the show with the sun light.

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