Invalidating environment borderline personality disorder

People with BPD often struggle with aspects of their life in an extreme way.They tend to have issues relating to others, managing their emotions, dealing with distress in their life, and have a poor sense of self.The current study examined relationships among childhood emotional vulnerability, an invalidating childhood environment, thought suppression, and symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD).Emotional vulnerability and an invalidating childhood environment are described by Linehan (1993) as important biosocial precursors to the development of BPD.The child’s behavior may then oscillate between opposite poles of emotional inhibition in an attempt to gain acceptance and extreme displays of emotion in order to have her feelings acknowledged.Erratic response to this pattern of behavior by those in the environment may then create a situation of intermittent reinforcement resulting in the behavior pattern becoming persistent.In that moment of emotional deregulation, they will quite often go on to self harm as a way of regulating that emotion."To be diagnosed, people have to meet at least five of nine criteria.

However, it is in the nature of such an environment that the demands that she is allowed to make on others will tend to be severely restricted.Using a student sample selected to have a wide range of BPD symptoms, we examined whether thought suppression mediates the relationship between these biosocial precursors and symptoms of BPD.Results supported the hypothesis that thought suppression fully mediates the relationship between invalidating environment and BPD symptoms.Linehan suggests that a particular consequence of this state of affairs will be a failure to understand and control emotions; a failure to learn the skills required for ’emotion modulation’.Given the emotional vulnerability of these individuals this is postulated to result in a state of ’emotional dysregulation’ which combines in a transactional manner with the Invalidating Environment to produce the typical symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

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