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Shrouded in mystery even from her debut appearance, little is known about Raven and her past, and she is emotionally distant even from her fellow Titans much of the time, with only a few instances to the contrary.It is later discovered that this is intentional, due to the grave secrets Raven is carrying with her throughout the series.Raven's chief powers are her flight, a studious mastery of magical powers, and her telekinetic and psychokinetic abilities, with her mind empowering her to manipulate and levitate objects enclosed in dark mystical energy.

Eventually, Robin and Starfire finally confess their love in the series finale movie Teen Titans: Trouble In Tokyo.Though volatile and aggressive in the beginning, Starfire later grows to become extremely kind, trusting and polite.Starfire is fluent in her native Tamaranean language (and in Japanese, as revealed in the film), but regularly speaks in flawed, improper English; as suggested by both the "Go" episode of the television series and the film, she is able to assimilate a knowledge of other languages, mainly through mouth-to-mouth contact (kissing).Despite having a midriff top, Starfire doesn't have a belly button.), he becomes a deformed mesh of flesh and machine following an unelaborated "accident" that caused more than half of his body to be replaced with cybernetic implants.

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Starfire has romantic feelings for Robin after kissing him to learn English in the "Go" episode; these feelings grow stronger as the series progresses.

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