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It’s no secret – to the point it was very prominent in “about me” sections on dating profiles.

And yet, many of my dates seemed to feel the need to challenge me on this stance, or seemed very surprised (seriously guys, read the bios of your dates you meet online). By the way, every single one of these situations actually happened: Situation A: (After my date volunteered to me his political leanings, and I said I fell on the opposite end of the spectrum ) “Yeah that’s cool as long as you aren’t some sort of feminist or something – yuck.” Immediately put me on the defensive.

Thank goodness that math was something that came easy to me and I enjoyed advanced mathematics.You think the GOP’s tax plan is better suited for your goals of retiring at 35? You think we need a different approach to dealing with ISIS? Conversations where two people can disagree while respectfully and smartly defending their positions is intoxicating and can be quite electric.One of the most important things to remember about talking politics with someone is that you are unlikely to change their mind, especially if they are passionate about the subject at hand.So, it’s important to me that the person I date is up to date on, and into, politics as well.That they have an interest in issues, whether they are social or economic.

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