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In the mean time, Serena and I are running the Crashdown. It took out at least five Air Force jets and this place will be crawling with Special Unit, Air Force and who knows what in minutes. Michael: you know you have always been the only girl for me. Afterwards, they lay contentedly together until they fall asleep. Michael (groggily, still waking up): you said there were two, so two names? A makeshift stage has been set up with a podium by the steps of city hall. Hooks from Wright Pat; he is leading the scientific investigation. He is watching CNN and they are discussing the incident in Roswell. However, eyewitness reports contradict these statements. Tonight on the CBS Evening News we will provide new footage clearly showing that the jets did not crash all at once as described by Col. Rather: let's see if we can get a word with the colonel. The morning is growing warmer and she is perspiring as she approaches the restaurant in a half run. He runs his hands through his hair in obvious frustration. Liz (with a big smile): Maria what are you doing here? Ava (looking at Maria, she tries to ignore the unusual interest Maria is displaying): shor'. (She starts to enter the Crashdown through the kitchen door.)Maria: no, I'm not hungry yet. He starts up the stairs to speak to her, but quickly recognizes it is not Raeve. Kyle exhibited that talent in DC and again in Texas. Mark Stienes (handed a note): this is just in; Khivar has agreed to appear this Friday on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. Khivar: Veronica my dear, we have to pick up Rafael, so let's go. The saucer slowly rotates and the rim dips down giving the pilot a clear shot at the crowd. Women and children are trampled as the adults flee for their lives. Tell them…Skin Guard (running in, interrupting): they escaped. He challenged him to minimize the mind warp, and instead, seduce Liz. since there is no heir to the House of D'tharthé, you must assume the crown. (He turns and walks to the window looking out over Atlata. (He turns and looks at the girls.) We are suffering from a different disaster. Verde: he was driving like a maniac down the Long Beach freeway. Larek: I'm sorry to hear of your loss, but we've got urgent business. Max: Rath, Xaedon, Ava, and Avere must return to Antar. The kids who experienced the ritual with the Roswell Granolith are surprised. The kids slowly, tentatively leave Liz's room, and walk down the steps and into the kitchen. You may have to go all the way to Portales or Alamogordo to find a place. Isabel sees them and whispers for Jesse to get up to make room for her mom. I still have my apartment, and a few could stay with me. (He adds quickly) I'm going to invite Max and Liz too. (Zeke turns and gives his father a long, happy hug.)Zeke: I knew you would be ok. Amy takes little Alex in her arms and Jim holds little Alan. With all that has happened, first the battle with Khivar, and the military, and then the Granolith…

Liz returns to her journal and looks up to see Isabel staring out her window. He grabs her in the darkness and pulls her slim body to his. Morning, sun is shining in through the bedroom window. Twenty different microphones with various cords trail off to four TV up-link vans. Waskoski and a middle-age man with a short ponytail and a beard jump out and walk up to them. The anchorman explains that the news conference is scheduled to begin in a few minutes. The boy raises his right hand and the channel changes to CBS. After the news conference ended, the tourists moved to the Crashdown. (She runs and gives her a hug.)Maria (again looking puzzled): I don't really know. Maybe we can talk up in your room; have a little privacy. He moves quietly up the stairs, close to the door so he can eavesdrop. What have you done to endanger little Alex and Alan? Hanley: we will need Moulin, I mean Kyle's help: maybe soon. He says he wants an opportunity to counter what his representative called 'ridiculous and false' charges. The three saucers are resting on the bottom of a valley floor covered under several feet of new fallen snow. We know where they are and we have the element of surprise. Michael: we need to get into Khivar's ship (he turns and looks at them), that's probably where they are keeping them. Once it is secured, and the hostages are recovered, we can mount a charge to break into the penthouse. Liz (momentarily aware and able to fight off the weak mind warp): you know I really want to make love to you… Botar, when we get back after the interview, I want to finish here and return to Antar. The wormhole will be opened at 11 pm tonight and tomorrow over the city. (They get up and leave.)Scene shifts to the Beta ship. Serena, restrained by a straight jacket, sits alone, depressed and crying. The ship releases a series of red laser shots followed by the anti-matter cannon. Veronica looks terrified.) Botar, you will recall we had a little wager. (He turns to Rafael and runs his finger under his neck in the classical pirates' image of cutting a throat. Khivar took the suggestion as a challenge and proposed a fateful wager. Michael and the parents were in Salina, unaware of the coordinated attacks on their friends. The lights of the floating city are brighter than normal and happy people can be seen on the streets rejoicing.) We best make plans for the removal of the General. Lord Ares: don't implement anything yet; he may yet prove valuable. Kyle transports everyone in groups of two into Kal's great room. Kal, recognizing the presence of Avere for the first time, looks surprised. They go to their friends and give them a final hug. Isabel is looking through the diamond-shaped window out to the customers; Jesse stands behind her. (He turns, and his face turns pink.) Diane has agreed to join me… View shifts to Max as he approaches Zeke working behind the counter. Jim sees Max talking to Liz and Zeke; he sits Alan down and starts to drift over.

She is my dad's daughter from a liaison with his high-school sweetheart, Yamine, an alien from Antar. I should be happy we're still alive and I have Max and a new sister. In some ways her love was even more important than my bond with Max. Xaedon, a protector operating deep undercover in the Special Unit sprung them from their prison -- so they're safe. They're together and being held in a safe house outside DC. And I'm glad all the tension between us has ended too. The sensations generated by his kisses and his touch are nearly hallucinogenic. (They start to walk to the stage.)Young boy, about 4 or 5 sits in front of the TV. She walks for a long time, needing to cross several small streets to the center of town. Ava and Nancy come in through the alley door with boxes of supplies. But soon after Ava returned, the entire group showed up missing. Baaee located her in Chicago a few months ago and contacted me. She has been eavesdropping at the door, and has heard most of the conversation. During their embrace Liz feels that something has changed. Just like the many times they had held each other in the past when she thanked her lucky stars for having such a loving and giving friend. All but Maria and Michael look nervous and somewhat apprehensive. (She looks around to see she has everyone's attention): I'm pregnant. I know this is a terrible time, but…Liz: I think it is great. He looks around, stopping at Ava, then looks away embarrassed by his outburst.)Kyle: her brother? (He turns to Kyle.) I did not recognize him in you. But, he knew that if successful, it could have become a great destructive force. Raeve: more useful in battle, he could disapperate. I just wanted a normal life so bad I ignored all the warnings. Strange music is playing and Avan'ya is dancing with a handsome young man nearby. Anyone who opposes the king seems to die within days. Khivar (aroused): that's ok, you won't disappoint me (he tries to kiss her). Veronica: the TV10 CBS anchor out of LA will be there. There's going to be a contest and the winner and a party of five will get a trip in your ship. Khivar raises his hand and the reporter keels over dead. After it reaches a thousand feet, the anchorman and the cameramen are tossed out, smashing into the baseball field grass. Episode 522: Royal Four Story by Nick Max The author wishes to give credit to RTFC for some ideas, characters, and words used in this episode Edited by Keila and faillow Previously on Roswell: Tess used her powers to mind warp Zeke and Max at the Sheraton. Isabel, Jesse, Raeve, Ava, Xaedon, and Serena were captured and moved to a saucer hiding in the mountains in Utah. General Nationales: my loyalty must be to the true king. If there is a legitimate heir to the throne, he will naturally be crowned king. You don't want the land to fall into anarchy do you? I will support you, until and unless there is a rightful heir. Serena: in my mother's journal, she said there were two Granoliths. Lights come on in the room, and nearly a hundred orange lights outline a large circular surface on the wall. Maria hugs the two little boys to her chest and breathes free again. (Liz comes to them and gives Zeke a hug; he smiles at her and seems reluctant to release the embrace.)View shifts to the front of the Crashdown as the door opens and Jim and Amy enter. Jim (overhearing the conversation): I'm not sure that will be possible. Jim (trying to diffuse the emotional situation): well, if this is an open investigation, the LA police… Liz (has a flashback of Max and Tess, she turns to Max): at the Sheraton. Max Voice Over: so she smiled at him, that doesn't mean anything. (He is shocked he knows the baby's name.) I'd know wouldn't I? Max is initially reluctant, but he sees Liz's determination and knows he has no choice.

Maybe it will be safe enough soon for them to return. They thought he was unconscious, so they don't know he contacted me. (She is nervous; her skin is trembling.) I love you. The intensity of their lovemaking builds; at their climax they both see the fiery stars from an erupting volcano on a distant planet. ""I can feel him even though he is far away."Scene shifts to the Roswell police station. He has a mop of light blond hair with bangs that cover his forehead, large protruding ears, and piercing blue eyes. Dan Rather turns to his cameraman with an excited look in his eyes. The Air Force has explained that the Roswell Incident was a simple training exercise accident and that all six jets were lost simultaneously. (Show returns to the special-news anchorman who begins to recount the highlights of the news conference.)Rather turns to the cameraman. As she turns the final corner she sees the Crashdown. Liz and Serena come down the stairs; they are dressed in Crashdown uniforms and are putting on their alien-themed tiaras. Maria (staring at Ava with unblinking intensity): we have to talk. He walks to the stairs and hears a conversation going on in room Raeve shares with Ava. Max (who has known about the pregnancy for a long time, and has had a chance to cool down): me too. (She looks around and sees confusion in everyone's eyes.) You know, he could disappear and re-appear in a different location at will. We learned that we couldn't run and we couldn't hide. Michael: if we are staying, we need to develop a better defense plan to protect my babies. Authorities in New York and Dublin have active murder investigations underway and we have learned that King Khivar is a suspect. Liz: no (gently pushing him back and looking him in the eyes). Khivar Voice Over: I don't think anyone (he laughs demonically) will want to ride with me after this interview. The crowd, which had grown silent at the king's outlandish statement, jumps up and starts screaming at the king and his ship. 'A once fallen king shall rise again and bring his bride back to life.' (He turns to Khivar.) He brought her back to life… The hybrids huddled together for comfort, but Serena was totally lost without Kyle. But Botar convinced him to not make the same mistake as he made with Veronica. (He bows, turns, and leaves.)Lord Ares (to his advisor): the General may become a liability. Rojo: we didn't even know until today, when we returned and Kal contacted us. Avere alerted us, and is going back to help Xaedon and Ava rescue them. The orange lights go out in succession until only three remain illuminated.)Michael: now we have to wait 24 hours. We have only 10 minutes for the travelers to enter the cone and for us to get to a safe distance. She died (looking at the toe tag) the same night as the attack at the Sheraton. Michael lifts Alan high into the air and gives him a big smile before pulling him to his chest and giving his son a big hug. Diane sees the still groggy Brody and helps him to Liz's bed. Diane and a weak, disorientated Brody walk in from the kitchen. You're welcome to stay there until you get something built. The Granolith, when it went off, it was like a 4th of July firecracker. View shifts to the interior as they go to the table and start talking to the kids, Diane, and Brody. Liz standing next to him, looks down and sees his shocked expression. He presses his hand against her belly and concentrates for several second, and then, he begins to smile.

) is a Russian oil and gas company created by merging several previously state-owned companies owning large oil and gas reserves in Western Siberia.

The company's headquarters are located in Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

I had to leave Jesse -- I couldn't endanger his life too. Kyle was the first to recognize it as the power to mindwarp. Several reporters simultaneously call out questions. Local CBS Reporter: I understand they are about to begin. (The Colonel steps forward and stands in front of the microphones.)Col Waskoski: thank you Sheriffs Valenti and Hanson. I am the commanding officer of nearby Rogers Air Force Base. Waskoski in front of the microphones): my name is Dr. I am the chief national transportation and safety inspector for Wright Patterson Air Force Base. While our investigation is still underway, we have determined that a turbine blade in the engine of the lead F-16 Fighting Falcon shattered causing its engine to disintegrate. Kawczak's craft veering into the jet flying beside him. There is no evidence of any outward influent, terrestrial (he chuckles) or intergalactic on this event. He gets a big smile on his face as he opens the door for Maria. A very subdued Isabel and Jesse sit on a couch talking quietly. A long corridor is seen with a series of hospital beds. Mother had it in her bag, I've checked there and everywhere in our room, nothing. It is very large and expensively decorated, and since the maid service has come, the beds, the floor, and bathroom are perfectly made up. With his emotions back under control, the glow in his eyes slowly fades away.)Scene shifts to the Sheraton, minutes earlier, midway through the news conference. team break down the door and enter from the hallway. The Beta saucer zooms in and hovers outside the window. When we got back to the mansion, Kal and Kyle were there. We'd better escape before he gathers his forces and attacks. The kids and Jim run to the hovering ships, enter, and fly off. Maria, with the help of the twins, tapped into a new power. The computer shifted them to a parallel world to extract the ship from the vault. Ava (gives Kyle, and then Max and Liz quick hugs, returns to Xaedon's side and grabs his hand): my place is wid Xae. Rath and Avere repeat the process, and everyone holds on to resist the next explosion. Thom: yes, jumped off one of the skyscrapers downtown. Isabel (smiling as Agnes comes over and brings them water and menus; she turns to Jesse): well we survived. Jesse (smiling and he takes her hand): we're going to begin living.

It is a terrible power with the potential to do great harm. View shifts to Dan Rather, a nationally know news anchor. We may learn of the first officially acknowledged incident of extra terrestrial contact since 1947 right here in Roswell, New Mexico. My name is Sheriff Valenti and this is co-sheriff Hanson. On July 15th there was a terrible accident over the skies near here. We watch the rest of the news conference from the viewpoint of the boy staring at the TV. This led to a further collision and eventually all the jets exploded. Next …Reporter (Eric Hughes: shouting up to the speaker): are you saying this wasn't an attack by aliens? Ava, Xaedon, and Raeve sit huddled together to provide comfort. A discarded USA Today is laying on the floor; it is the Tuesday, January 3, 2004 edition. Maria (looking angry): well, I know what Michael and I are going to do. Isabel and Ava are sedated and strapped into the first two beds. Skin Technician 2: I know that is what these tests show, but that is not possible. She gets on her knees and searches under the bed, finally snagging the handle and pulling out a small black metal brief case. Michael and Maria fly the Salina saucer up to the blown out window and transport Rath, Calypso, Hanley, Raeve, and a dozen protectors into the suite. They see Max cradled over Liz hugging her to his chest as he rocks her back and forth. The room has been destroyed with the blown out TV, upturned furniture, broken plaster, and the smashed picture window. Moments later Isabel is transported from it into the room. Kal told us what was happening; he is organizing a counter attack. (She hugs Max and Liz and grab's Zeke's hand to pull him up.) We have to get out of here; Khivar's been shooting up the town. Everyone nods and runs to the smashed picture window in the penthouse. Scene shifts to the roof of the Sheraton minutes later. T team returns fire but the earthling bullets and rocket grenades fall harmlessly off the ship's skin. The ship was returned to this world, and Michael and Maria flew the twins, Hanley, Raeve, and the parents back to Beverly Hills. Rath had been transformed; he was no longer a gangbanger talking in New York slang, but took on the characteristics of Rathmé, the General and leader. Max and Liz walk to the cone and look up into the eyes of their two friends, at Rath, and Avere, the stranger.

We should have known our attraction was more than normal; that we were and always will be soul mates. The special unit will be in disarray with the landing of the new spacecraft. And they don't know we know he's been captured or where he is. I am not your mother, and my job is not to walk around cleaning up after you. He has the vocabulary of a 12 year old and his test scores are off the map. All of you were so angry and suspicious that I just didn't have a chance. You know that Amíle helped Rath understand his vision. Hanley: Maria, I can assure you that what Calypso saw was nothing more than two friends comforting each other after realizing what had to come. You were killed in that explosion at Rogers Air Force Base! They shielded her and her brother from everything in the outside world including the turmoil on Antar. The whole discussion on children is making her sick. If you receive a call or a text message saying, "Go," you know to drop everything and head for Brody's. Liz (turning to Michael and Maria): we picked up Max and my old Chevelle at Charlie's Used Car lot. He will stay with me at Kyle's but provide protection for Maria and Michael during the day. Someone may have implanted alien DNA from Amíle into our baby – but she is still our daughter. She will always be our baby, but did you suspect anything was wrong, or different, during the pregnancy, or when she was growing up? She said Liz had special talents and they must be nurtured. They drive in silence as Nancy thinks over these new revelations. They all laugh, and Liz backs out and they drive away. You went from human to an alien prince; from no powers to Harry Potter. That he could help Serena and me with our scientific development. We can't go to the hospital, but maybe (laughing) we can find an alien midwife. Khivar (irritated by his assistant accusing him of making mistakes): I can get any woman I want (looks boastfully at Botar). From the Big Bear Mountains to the valley in Fresno, ships were seen everywhere. Khivar, even though he is unaware of this Earth custom, is suspicious. He exits and tries to put on a big smile on his face. First, I've toured this planet, and frankly I haven't seen anything I want. Furthermore, he has accused you of drugging and raping over a hundred women. The Granolith…Liz (hope in her voice): was it destroyed? The room is dark and Max raises a glowing hand to light the interior.

John Herrmann punt 39 yards to the CHCM25, Robinson III return 0 yards to the CHCM25, fumble forced by Zach Lechthaler, fumble by Robinson III recovered by CHCM TEAM at CHCM25, PENALTY CHCM illegal block 10 yards to the CHCM15, 1st and 10, CHCM ball on CHCM15.

that Erica Larson, a chemist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, won the Pikes Peak mountain marathon five times in six years between 19, more than any other woman in the event's history? that 1985 NCAA hurdling champion Thomas Wilcher won the Michigan High School Athletic Association team track & field championship three consecutive times, both as an athlete and a coach? that Charlie Fonville broke a 14-year-old shot put world record by almost twelve inches at the 1948 Kansas Relays but was not allowed to stay with the other athletes because he was African-American? that the Peachtree Road Race, held annually on July 4 (U. Independence Day) in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world's largest 10 kilometer road race with 55,000 runners participating in 2007? that Gerald Ford threatened to quit the Michigan football team when African-American player Willis Ward was kept out of a 1932 game in response to Georgia Tech's refusal to play an integrated team? that US Olympic discus throw gold medalist Stephanie Brown Trafton said that the downside of the Beijing Games was that they conflicted with the opening of hunting season in California? that Eddie Tolan, the first African-American to be the "world's fastest human" after winning double gold at the 1932 Olympics, returned home jobless and appeared in vaudeville with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson? that when 2001 Chicago Marathon winner Catherine Ndereba set the world record, she joined four-time winner Khalid Khannouchi with a current world record time set at the Chicago Marathon? that three members of the Croatian bobsleigh team at the 2006 Winter Olympics, Dejan Vojnović, Jurica Grabušić and Slaven Krajačić, had all previously competed as track athletes at the Summer Olympics? that William Sharman, a finalist in the 110 meter hurdles at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics, is also a classically trained pianist and has a master's in banking and finance? that the Belgrade Race Through History and Belgrade Marathon competitions were held in 1999, despite the fact that the NATO bombing campaign had caused widespread damage to the city that year? that Leonard Paulu won consecutive NCAA championships in the 100 yard dash despite war injuries that included the loss of an eye and a right-leg stride four inches shorter than his left? that Michigan's Don Mc Ewen, two-time NCAA champion in the two-mile run, also won consecutive Big Ten cross country championships even though his school had no varsity cross country team? that Kenyan long distance runner Eliud Kiptanui went on to win the Prague Marathon after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption prevented him from traveling to the Vienna Marathon three weeks earlier? that over two days Sun Yingjie won both the Beijing Marathon and a silver medal in athletics at the 10th Chinese National Games, but lost her medal because a rival spiked her drink with steroids? that Australian runner Michael Shelley lost his scholarship funding and suffered a broken leg in 2009, but went on to win a silver medal in the marathon at the 2010 Commonwealth Games? that Irene Kosgei, despite injuring her knee at a drinks station early in the women's marathon at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, edged compatriot Irene Mogaka to become the first Kenyan woman to win a Commonwealth marathon title? that Sy Mah, who held a Guinness World Record for the most lifetime marathons, completed his first marathon in the same race in which he coached 13-year-old Maureen Wilton to a women's world record? that Gary Fanelli, who represented American Samoa in the marathon at the 1988 Summer Olympics, has competed in various costumes including Elwood Blues, a Ghostbusters ghost, and Michael Jackson? that to deprive his body of oxygen in the five months before the Olympic trials, Olympic steeplechaser Donald Cabral spent over 10 hours a day in a high-altitude tent he bought on Craigslist? that California student Sarah Attar is one of Saudi Arabia's first female athletes at the Olympics, and is due to compete at the 2012 Games in an event she hasn't competed in since high school?

In 1993, the rated primary crude oil processing output was 16 million tons per year.

In April 2016 the company decided to economically support the Russian Bandy Federation.

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The latter was also delivered to the Baltic states, Belarus, and Ukraine.

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