Dating felons

PS: I don't even have a parking ticket on my record.

Everyone f***s up sooner or later, we all don't get caught, and it would be totally shitty to judge someone without knowing them just because of something that has happened in the past. Everyone has a past, its a matter if they have changed or not.

Having said that, I have worked on prisons before as a contractor and if asked, most everyone in there was innocent, or they had a bad lawyer, a bad break, etc.

Now if you have been in prison and gotten out and you have been a good guy for a few years and are doing everything right, I concede that it would be fair enough to expunge that black mark and accept you as part of the law-abiding population at large. A whole lot of felons are not like you, they are just not good people and are never going to be good people. The main difference between felons and non-felons is situation and circumstance.

How many of us actually know what it's like to have the choice to either rob a party store for food or starve?

How many of us know what it's like to be so heavily addicted to a drug(legal or illegal) to where we'd sell our own child, or ourself, to support this habit?

How about a 17 year old kid who sells 2 joints to a friend who turns out to be a cop-in-training?

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It is all up for individual discernment by the individual. From puberty on, I doubt there is anyone in these threads that has not committed something they could have been incarerated for...

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