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His denial ends after the last episode of the first season, when he takes responsibility for his actions as a wolf after accidentally scratching Nina during a transformation whilst trying to protect her from the vampire Herrick.George attempts to find new ways of coping with his "condition" in Series Two while trying to take action to lead a normal life.This includes such measures as caging himself and taking tranquilisers before transforming, but this apparently only makes the wolf angrier, resulting in uncontrollable swearing and a more brutal mentality in his human form, as though the wolf was trying to "get out" in revenge for being "chained".Matters become even worse when he accompanies Sam Danson, his new girlfriend, to her daughter Molly's Parents' Evening, only to nearly transform at the school because he is unaware that the clocks had gone back; although he manages to maintain control of himself long enough to get back to the flat and be locked in his cage by Annie.George resents being a werewolf to the extent that he is essentially in denial about his condition, often referring to it as "that thing that happens to me once a month".For the whole of Series 1, he attempts to view his wolf side as an entirely different entity; when referring to his wolf self, he never uses "I" or "me", only an impersonal "it".It is mentioned in the pilot, however, that George is a lapsed Jew as he believes the faith frowns upon someone turning into a werewolf.

When George and Nina are both killed in a war against the vampires, Annie takes responsibility for their daughter Eve, along with new housemates Tom Mc Nair and Hal.

When Annie finds a death notice for George's father in the paper, George attends the funeral and encounters what he believes is his father's ghost, only to subsequently learn that his father has actually faked his death after a homeless man burnt to death in his shed after his wife had an affair with George's old P. With the discovery that Mitchell was responsible for the Box Tunnel Twenty murders, he returns to the house to ask George to kill him, wanting to ensure that he could not kill anyone else and that George would be freed from the "taint" of helping him escape the consequences of his past sins.

Understandably, George is reluctant to kill his best mate but when vampire Edgar Wyndham states out his intent to use Mitchell as an "attack dog", George carries out Mitchell's request and kills him (telling Mitchell that he is "doing this because he loves him"), and then kills Wyndham, in effect declaring war on the vampires.

However, despite George's belief that he or Nina would kill the other if they transformed next to each other, the two of them apparently have sex while in wolf form.

When Nina discovers the permanently teenage vampire Adam as his elderly father was admitted to the hospital shortly before his death, she and George briefly contemplate taking over responsibility for Adam after his parents' deaths–George speculating that they pretend that Adam was his brother until he and Nina were old enough for them to introduce him as their son–but Adam departs to make his own way, wanting to explore his own independence without being a burden on them like he was on his parents.

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