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Think cyber crime is something only found in fiction?Think again, because online crime is a very real threat in our Internet-connected society.In the contents below you will find them divided up accordingly. This is an ongoing project that I plan to add to regularly.If you have any questions or wish to include some information please contact us.Should we be worried about these attacks when many hackers target businesses and governments instead of individuals?

That number means there are over 4,000 cyber attacks every day, 170 attacks every hour, or nearly three attacks every minute.In 2014, 47% of American adults had their personal information stolen by hackers — primarily through data breaches at large companies.In 2013, 43% of companies had a data breach in which hackers got into their systems to steal information.This study surveyed a random sample of 1,963 middle school students (mostly aged 11-14) from a large school district in the southern United States. Online games are the most popular activity reported with…Data were collected in in the spring of 2007 from 30 different schools.

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When you look at number of attacks specifically targeting businesses, they're also worrying: IBM estimates businesses are attacked an average of 16,856 times a year.

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