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Despite being initially sceptical about acupuncture, she found she benefited greatly from it during her recovery process.As a result she trained in veterinary acupuncture with the aim to provide the same great results to her equine patients that she received when she was treated by her GP.She is currently team vet for the Great Britain Endurance Development Squad.Charlie suffered a serious head injury in 2009, with secondary whiplash of her neck.

Another 323 individuals (37%) said each of their horses’ annual dental care costs up to 9, while 128 people (15%) said they spend between 0-9 on each horse’s dental care each year.During that time, she developed a keen interest in orthopaedics and lameness issues.She has always been interested in Endurance Riding and so got used to dealing with lots of tight backs and muscles in those horses!!Sometimes a short-acting sedative is given to prevent the horse tensing up and so resisting the positive effects of acupuncture.Its action is not affected, only enhanced by sedation as the horse is more relaxed and tolerates the procedure better.

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