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I recommend the usage of emoticons only if you purposely want to show her that you are an idiot and severely brain damaged.16- Constantly invade boundaries.You will never find out how much she is willing to share if you don't push boundaries with your questions.At the moment, she will sympathise with you, but subconsciously put you in the category of losers.13- Use as fewer emoticons/emojis as you can.Emoticons are childish, insignificant and a 21st century invention.“I’ll give you an example: I have a Quantum operating from Kagiso to Joburg. So you’re left with nothing.” He adds that he doesn’t feel like he’s running a business, but that he’s a slave.This Quantum is making me R16 000, and I have to pay an instalment of R10 000. Mabuza’s taxi was financed by SA Taxis at an interest rate of 28%.

“For me, for the taxi industry, the price is too exorbitant,” he says.

For example, talk about her hairstyle from the current picture and compare it with the last different hairstyle from her previous pictures.

Just by doing that you earn yourself fifteen minutes of undivided attention from her.18 -Don't ever comment on her pictures in the comment box.

Sipho Mabuza* has worked in the taxi industry for more than a decade and says he’s become “a slave to his instalment” because he’s not making any profit.

Mabuza bought his taxi about two years ago and still has two years to pay it off.

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