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But there were two on this camera that really stuck out to me while testing it. These tools have come a long way in a short time and they’ll only continue to improve.

The built-in color TFT viewer makes changing settings easier. The other feature I liked — the Flex Time time lapse technology. But in the meantime, coming in at 9.99, the Wildgame Innovations Crush Cell Cam is a solid option if you’re in the hunt for a cellular camera.

I now own three of them and I'm considering another one.

Unlike other game camera brands, yours keep the time and date accurately.

Description: First buck photo I obtained after a group of surveyors worked through my spot.

Thought for sure my spot was ruined for the season but thankfully I was able to catch quite a few moving back in after a week. Description: This photo was taken on a 15 acre piece of property that I have, with a limited budget, have done a lot of work to, mainly with timber stand improvement.

I’m not saying cameras completely replace in-the-field scouting. I spent much of the 2016-17 deer season using the Wildgame Innovations Crush Cell Cam. But first, let’s cover the specs and special features. The trigger speed was slightly slower than I’d like it to have been, but for a wireless camera, it’s pretty good.

Every deer has its own personality and requires its own specially modified hunt plan to tag it.Hopefully I see him again this year and be able to get him for my daughter Description: I have this 8 point buck coming to my food plot daily for a snack. My son wants to hunt, so what better way to enjoy time with him.I hope him the best of luck this season Description: This is a new piece of property I got and actually a friend about two miles away were getting this deer and another one until I started feeding them and he came over and been here ever since. But wireless trail cameras have changed things even more.No longer do we have to go afield and spread unnecessary scent throughout the woods. But cameras — especially wireless ones — reduce the level of which it’s required.

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