Ancient tombs predating egypt

A versatile and superior working dog, Beaucerons could both gu...

The earliest documented account of a Terrier type dog resembling the Bedlington comes from 1702 when a Hungarian nobleman, Z.

The French Revolution (1789–1799) was very damaging to the population of most French hunting breeds, leading to the eventual extinction of many.The American Eskimo was developed from members of the Spitz type family of dogs, which in turn had been developed from early Nordic breeds only a few steps removed from the wolf. This breed is so closely related to the other types that comprise the Bully breed group, please see the history section of the article about Bully breeds for more information about the creation Am...References to Spaniel type dogs have historically been documented in early European records, and their early ancestors may have migrated into the European continent with nomadic hunter gatherers as...As early as 6000 years ago, a landrace of large sized, heavily boned domesticated dogs were living among humans.The earliest duties of these canines were as hunting companions to man; however, as...

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There is much debate over the true origin of the Kelpie, but...

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